Friday, April 23, 2010

Spark Student Interests: Integrate Science and Writing

For the past month we have studied insects and ocean animals. The kids really enjoyed the ocean animals unit, so I decided to have the students do simple research projects on their favorite ocean creatures. We had lessons on the difference between facts and opinions, learned about ways you can present information, and how to complete basic research.

The requirements were:
Choose 1 ocean animal to study
Use at least one source for your information
Write at least 3 facts about your animal
Present your project in an interesting way (including hand drawn pictures or printed pictures)

I was very pleased to see lots of creativity. Here are some examples of different kinds of projects.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Authored Book

For the past month we have been working hard on our authored book. This year the kids decided to do an all about me book, telling about what they like to do for fun. I am very proud of how hard the kids worked. While the kids worked, it gave me a real opportunity to observe how they move along through the writing process at their own pace. This Monday we mail everything off to StudenTreasures. In a few weeks the reprints should arrive. I can't wait for our publishing party near the end of May!