Monday, November 23, 2009


Thank you to all my parents, you have been a tremendous support to our class this year. The play was a great success! I hope that many of you could capture the moments on camera to cherish forever. The luncheon was fun as well. Thanks for helping make the lunch possible by bringing in the food and helping serve the food to the children. We (Miss Maldonado and I) hope to plan a play for sometime in the spring since today's events were such a success.

I also wish all my students and the families a safe, happy, and fun filled Thanksgiving. Take this time to cherish loved ones.

See you all back in class on Monday!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Fall Fun

In just a few weeks we are going to have a Thanksgiving Luncheon along with Miss Maldonado's class. One class will be the pilgrims and the other class will be the Indians. Before the event, the children will be learning about life both long ago and today. We will read several books about pilgrims, the journey they took to come to America and how they worked together with the Indians. The children will learn about the differences between needs and wants. We may even do some kind of service project on campus, but that will be a whole class decision that we still need to make.

On November 23rd our class will have both our luncheon and our first drama production of the year. Our class will be performing the Thanksgiving comedy Turk and Runt. I performed this with my students last year and we had a blast! Performing plays is a great learning experience for children in many ways. The children practice reading skills by reading simple lines from a book, sequencing events in a story, and connecting a written text with a dramatized version. This is defenitely a large undertaking, but it's well worth it.

This week we will read the book, use picture cards to practice sequencing the events in the correct order, assign reading parts for the different characters, and begin our first practice run. Some children will be going home with a script to practice the lines at home as well, because some characters will more more speaking parts.

Look for a flyer about the play by the end of the week. The flyer will include the day, time and location of the play.

Monday, November 2, 2009

ABC/Word Work Station

One of the Daily Five choices for the students is the ABC/Word Work Station. This is actually an entire area of our classroom that contains several activity choices for students to practice the following skills:
  • Letter identification
  • Letter sound connections
  • Sight word recognition and writing
  • Word building
  • Phonemic awareness (rhyming, segmenting words into individual sounds or syllables, blending sounds to make words)
  • Sorting words
  • Ordering letters

You can see how our center area is organized.

Organizing all the materials has been easy once I found those nice white rolling bins. I labeled each drawer of the bin with a ID tag holder. When I make a new game, I take a picture and add it to the ID tag holder. By labeling the bins, the kids can clean up with ease. The key to keeping kids on task is to provide many choices. From time to time I may add a new activity to keep it fresh, but there will always be the regulat choices.

One choice that I have nearly every week is to create words for the target letter. I simply change out the laminated words cards and keep the letter cubes out. Towards the end of the year, I have students actually complete a word book as an assignment.